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State of the Muses - April


character: Steve Rogers ([personal profile] neversurrender)
series: MCU
tagging priority: ■■■■■: Definitely top priority when I do tags. He has a ton of threads and is developing a lot of cool CR. Plus his game has been non-stop events this month so things have been plenty busy for him.
muse strength: ■■■■■: Pretty solid I think! I've been playing him long enough that his voice definitely comes the easiest and I almost never have trouble deciding what he'll do/not do. He's probably one of my strongest muses in general.
cast strength: ■■■■■: The best cast, seriously. I love all the threads I have going with castmates. They are all amazing both IC and OOC, and are super fun to plot with. /draws hearts around MCU cast
plotting capabilities: ■■■■■: Steve has quite a bit of range. He can do serious, fighting/battle related stuff. Or more chill slice-of-life stuff. I have plans for him and Justine to open up an Art Gallery at some point bringing the hipster art snobbery to Bavan. Also a potential idea about him starting a Task Force to look out for the interest of the monsters. Nothing set in stone, but things that have potential and that I'm excited about.
general fun level: ■■■■■: So much fun! The only downside I have is that I'm afraid I'm too slow with tags and it'll make people frustrated when threading with me. >>
likelihood of drop: □□□□□: Nope.

character: Nagachika Hideyoshi ([personal profile] scaryintuition)
series: Tokyo Ghoul
tagging priority: ■■■■□: Second priority mostly because he doesn't have nearly as many tags as Steve and his game moves a bit slower in general.
muse strength: ■■■■□: I enjoy playing Hide a lot, but I do worry about his voice and whether I'm striking a good balance between his loud, boisterous side and his analytical detective-like side. There's a fine balance and sometimes I feel like I might be swaying too much to one side or the other.
cast strength: ■■□□□: Kaneki is his only castmate so far. But I've definitely enjoyed their thread so far, their interactions are so much fun. And the Kaneki is wonderful.
plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: Hide is a pretty active guy. He likes to be involved in activities and the such, which is why I have him helping out in his game's Tournament. He's also extremely curious so it's easy to shove him into everyone's business and I've enjoyed throwing him at random characters and badgering them with tons of questions. sorry not sorry
general fun level: ■■■■□: I have a lot of fun with Hide but, again, I worry that I'm too slow with tags. I'm also struggling with what to do with him in general. I haven't had any luck finding a job for him yet...
likelihood of drop:□□□□□: Nope.


Below is basically a bunch of characters I'm considering for [community profile] ryslig

character: Harry Mason [personal profile] dotingfather
series: Silent Hill
Why I Want To App Him:
-He has the potential to be a darker character than Steve, especially if I take him from SH3 and the aftermath of Silent Hill and the cult really kicks in.
-The irony of escaping a town of monster only to be dropped in one where he is the monster.
-I love this franchise so much and I've always wanted to give him a try.
-CASTMATES, in particular his daughter Heather. I want a sappy reunion sue me
Why I Might Not:
-He is a very new muse and I don't have any ideas of what to do with him aside from threatening bodily harm to anyone who messes with his daughter.

character: Winry Rockbell [personal profile] wrenchwielder
series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Why I Want To App Her:
-I really miss playing a female character.
-She can bring the joys of automail to Ryslig~
-CASTMATES, those are always a plus!
-I want her first meeting with a monster to involve her beating them over the head with a wrench in fright.
-She is a character with a lot less baggage then Steve and Harry which opens her up to being more lighthearted.
-low key lusting after Bucky's arm
Why I Might Not:
-Canon. Review. Also research because I know nothing about mechanics and at best can handwave all automail related things.

character: Griffith [personal profile] thewhitephoenix
series: Berserk
Why I Want To App Him:
-He is not a very good person. At all. Which is an unusual type for me to play. But it could be a cool contrast to Steve's super good person qualities.
-Fights with Light over who gets to rule over Ryslig
-I find him very fascinating and I think he could gather quite a bit of interesting CR.
Why I Might Not:
-He's terrible and I don't know if I could play that out well.
-He's like 98% hated by the fandom which makes me nervous.
-His canon is super triggery.

character: Adam Parrish [personal profile] adamagedthing
series: The Raven Cycle
Why I Want To App Him:
-I've always wanted to give him a try.
-A teenage character, which is something I'd like to play. /shrug
-Tons of issues such as PTSD and abuse which would be interesting to play, especially within the dark setting.
-He already talks to magic trees so he should be a nymph.
Why I Might Not:
-Does anyone else read these books?
-He's a little shit.