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Luceti Halloween Event Planning Post

Set-up: (all dates are tentative for now.)

Because of the number of people involved and all the things that need to happen, I'm planning to post a separate log just for zombie!Steve shenanigans. The log will be divided up with multiple threads so everyone can drop their characters in where they're needed. I'm hoping this will help things move a little faster. Tentatively I'm hoping to post the log on Friday the 26th but it'll be forward dated to Monday the 29th. This should give us all some extra time to complete the log while the event is going on.

Game Plan:

This is just a series of events that I came up with using the ideas tossed around in Steve's previous plotting plurk. But nothing is set in stone and I encourage everyone to make their own suggestions about things or flesh out what their characters in particular will be doing.

-The log will begin with Steve getting bitten. The serum will slow the effects of the virus for a time (an hour or so tops), giving Steve enough time to tell everyone what's happened. (Note: Steve will be in quite a bit of pain at this point with while the virus eats away at the serum and changes him.)

-Steve is then voluntarily contained (preferrably by Obi-Wan) and at this point the group can form and start discussing Steve's fate. And meanwhile Steve will be having a private conversation with Bucky, where he basically tells him to do what he has to do to keep everyone safe. And following that conversdation, Adele will go to Steve and offer to off him if need be.

-Some time passes (with the conversation still going presumably) and Steve finally loses complete control of himself. Obi-Wan starts to get tired and switches off with Luke, but things don't go as planned (you Jedi guys can figure this out. =P) and Steve escapes from their hold.

-And suddenly everything is a storm of violence as everyone rushes around trying to contain (or kill in some cases) Steve.

-At some point he attacks and infects Pepper. (Tad I have no clue what you want to do with this. But I'm assuming some people will try to contain her as well?)

-And then after a particularly gruesome fight Bucky finally shoots Steve in the head exploding his brains everywhere 8D.

I'm not sure how you guys want to wrap this up. Someone(s) can take the time to deal with the remains or bury him. Or we can just leave it with Steve's death. This all entirely up to you guys!

Note: This is all a very vague series of events. Feel free to flesh them out more or suggest different options. Everything that mentions a specific character (with the excepetion of the Jedi guys) has been discussed previously and will happen.

Other Stuff:

I'm having trouble thinking of a good Death Penalty. I've realized that my original idea of having him lose the serum might work better as a Mallynap effect. So any suggestions would be wonderful because I'm awful at this! ^^