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State of the Muses - July


character: Apollo ([personal profile] solar_absorber)
series: The Authority
tagging priority: ■■■□□: I’ve been lagging with him lately.
muse strength: ■■■□□: Along with lagging, I feel like I’m running out of steam with him despite my recent canon review. I’ve been struggling to keep him active, but his voice is really touch and go at the moment.
cast strength: ■□□□□: There’s only Jenny now, and while she’s great, Midnighter’s drop has taken a toll on Apollo.
plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: Apollo is a very flexible character, he can get involved easily with anything from action plots to silly ones. His personality is very adaptive and he’s a social creature.
general fun level: ■■■□□: I’ve always enjoyed playing him, but recently it’s feeling more and more like a chore to keep him going.
likelihood of drop: ■■■■□: I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and while I don’t want to drop him, I also don’t want to just do the bare minimum and squeeze by on AC. I’ve had a lot of fun the year I’ve had him, but I’m starting to think I’m losing his muse and need a break.

character: Renee Montoya ([personal profile] alwaysaquestion)
series: DC Comics
tagging priority: ■■■■□: She is in a tie for my first and second. It switches depending on how many tags she has versus Steve and which of them is involved with a plot.
muse strength: ■■■■□: I like to think I’m doing better with her now since I recently canon reviewed. I’ve had concerns addressed about her and I’ve been trying hard to keep them in mind when I tag with her.
cast strength: ■■■□□: There’s a really great DC cast in her game, she just doesn’t know many of them personally or talk to them very often. She’s sort of a lone wolf amongst her cast with the exception of her interactions with Kate and Tim.
plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: She’s a little harder to throw into things because she’s less social and likes to do her own thing a lot. She doesn’t trust as easily either. But anything with a mystery or intrigue involved is right up her alley. And there’s plenty of that where she is.
general fun level: ■■■■■: I have a lot of fun with her. I love her snarky humor and her developed CR. I’m slowly trying to get her involved in more things and with more people. And generally I just get excited to get a tag for her.
likelihood of drop:□□□□□: I’ve thought about it a few times but have since decided to just work through my initial issues with her. I really want to develop her further and see where it goes.

character: Rictor ([personal profile] movestheearth)
series: Marvel Comics
tagging priority: ■■■□□: To be fair, he gets a lot less tags way less often because his game is on the small/slow side of the spectrum.
muse strength: ■■■■■: I think it’s been holding pretty strong. I hardly ever struggle to tag with him. His voice comes very natural to me.
cast strength: ■■■■□: He has a good sized cast; it’s the biggest one in game. I’ve really love some more though, particularly X-Force/X-Factor peeps.
plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: He’s like Renee; not as easily thrown into things, trust issues. But since his game is based in a place with a lot of super heroes, he is more likely to jump in the fray because he knows a lot of them personally and isn’t the type to sit back and watch stuff go down if he can stop it.
general fun level: ■■■■□: I love Rictor. He’s never a struggle and his threads are always enjoyable. Sometimes the slow pace of the game can be frustrating though and it often feels like he’s in limbo. My long term plans for him have kind of been thrown into the air at this point. But still, it’s fun.
likelihood of drop: □□□□□: Despite my small frustrations with the game’s pacing-which is no one’s fault-I can’t see myself dropping him anytime soon.

character: Steve Rogers (Captain America) ([personal profile] neversurrender)
series: Marvel’s The Avengers (movie verse)
tagging priority: ■■■■□: Tied with Renee for first. I try to keep up as quickly as I can though.
muse strength: ■■■■□: I considered putting it at a three because sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. He’s very new to me and I’m just starting to settle into him. But his muse is fairly strong with me. I just hope I’m not actually very bad at him and not noticing. So insecure omg.
cast strength: ■■■■□: They’re amazing, really. I’m having a blast with them. The marvel log is great and I love all his threads. I look forward to all the amazing future cast plots.
plotting capabilities: ■■■■■: There is so much potential I hardly know where to start. I’m just trying to get him established among his cast first and then work him out amongst the rest. He’s a pretty social guy so it shouldn’t be too hard. Plus I want to get him on some missions and stuff like that.
general fun level: ■■■■□: I’m having a lot of fun with him. I love his character and his castmates and just everything. But I do struggle some with his tags. And I constantly feel like I should re-watch both of the movies just to make sure I’m not missing something important.
likelihood of drop: □□□□□: Nope. I’m just getting started with him and I think there’s a ton of potential for his character to develop and grow where he is.


character: Belle [personal profile] funnygirl
series: Beauty and the Beast
Why I Want To App Her:
- I love her. She’s a childhood heroine of mine. I’m actually surprised it’s taken me this long to find a place to app her since I’ve always been pretty Beauty and the Beast obsessed. And since this probably isn’t a good enough reason…
- She’s a girl, which is pretty rare amongst my mostly male muses. I love the thought of diversifying it some. And she’s a strong female lead who is smart and kind and doesn’t take crap from anyone. And I love that about her.
- Someone has to take care of Beast. He’s just…yeah, no good at caring for himself. But luckily Belle is very good at the caretaker role from years of looking after her father.
- She’s a Disney muse! I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to pick one up because I love Disney.
Why I Might Not:
- Uh…I’m pretty serious about this one. I’m aiming for September apps at Luceti.

character: Teddy Altman [personal profile] hulkintraining
series: Marvel’s Young Avengers
Why I Want To App Him:
- He’s my favorite thing about the Young Avengers. I adore him and I’ve been really missing playing him lately.
- Because you can never play too many gay superheroes.
- I just really want to play a teenage muse again because it’s fun.
Why I Might Not:
- I have no idea where to take him. I haven’t had much time to game hunt lately.

character: Jessica Jones [personal profile] fuckeverything
series: Marvel Comics
Why I Want To App Her:
-Like I mentioned with Belle, I’d really like to add more strong female characters to my muse list.
- Jessica is awesome and I adore her and all the growth she’s had in the comics and I’d like to see her grow even more. Maybe see what happens when she’s separated from her family, if I take her from more recent canon.
- Oddly enough she reminds me of Renee in a lot of ways. Apparently I have a type.
Why I Might Not:
- Same as above. I have no idea where to take her.

character: Steve Rogers (Captain America [personal profile] neversurrender
series: Marvel Comics
Why I Want To App Him:
- No lie, I have all the 616!Steve feelings. The only reason I haven’t picked him up yet is because I’m slowly trying to canon review. Very….slowly. There’s a lot of history for him okay.
- I love the comic verse and all the history Steve has with pretty much everyone in the Marvel universe. He’s had decades more experience and growth than his movie verse self, and I think that will make him even more fun to play, because there is probably literally nothing he hasn’t seen before.
Why I Might Not:
- The canon review. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read it all. So mostly I just stick to the big, important story arcs.
- Still, no idea where to take him.